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On June 21, eight cities came together for one great gathering, with the goal of celebrating and recognizing the accomplishments of Canada’s Aboriginal peoples and continuing on the journey towards reconciliation.

Aboriginal Day Live 2017 was the largest celebration of Indigenous culture to happen from coast-to-coast on National Aboriginal Day. With support from the Canada 150 fund and Heritage Canada, the event was also the first in Canadian broadcast history to be streamed live for seven hours nationally. It was truly a groundbreaking national event, and we were very pleased to work alongside Think Shift in Winnipeg to create a campaign that stood to capture the attention of millions, generate buzz, and increase viewership and in-person attendance.

Working with the client, we developed a media relations strategy that included national reach augmented with field teams on the ground in selected regional markets. Our goal was to maximize our earned media exposure in Tier 1 media in all eight markets as well as Aboriginal and national media across Canada.

Our team pitched Winnipeg, Toronto and Halifax press, and took the lead on booking artist and spokesperson interviews across the country. We also managed three field teams that covered the other five markets. We worked with Lise Raymond from Communications Lise Raymond, who was on the ground for us in Montreal and also assisted with the Ottawa market; Ann Gallery and Monique Camenzuli from High View Communications Inc. helped us in Vancouver; and Sue Hueman from Focus Communications gave us local insight into the Edmonton and Yellowknife markets.

It all started on April 25 when we announced that the celebration would span eight cities on June 21. A month later, APTN hosted a national press conference at the Winnipeg Art Gallery announcing the artist lineups and locations for all eight cities.

Immediately, we got a full sweep of coverage from Winnipeg outlets excited to share that Nelly Furtado was coming to town and plenty of Quebec reporters wanting to speak to the very talented Daniel Lanois.

In addition to promoting the concert and programming, we also supported APTN in sending out news releases announcing radio and broadcast partners, and Canada’s largest round dance, keeping ADL top of mind leading up to National Aboriginal Day. Throughout the course of the campaign, we kept APTN up to date on exciting media opportunities and provided a recap and report after distributing the major releases. We also spent time connecting with individual media outlets to increase coverage.

Through our efforts, Aboriginal Day Live earned top tier national and regional media attention around the country. Here are some highlights:

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Our efforts resulted in National TV news coverage for the round dance, and tons of print coverage promoting what Aboriginal Day Live is all about.

After delivering the final report to the client, APTN was very pleased with the reported reach and quality of clippings received. Based on our involvement, we were also able to make recommendations for next year’s events and PR efforts.

The final result was over 30 million total reach in earned media impressions, and over 30 million impressions on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, etc.).

We were very fortunate to work with APTN on such an impressive and important event that resonated with so many people across Canada.

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