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We are pleased to help Winnipeg-based Ameba TV announce it’s platform expansion to Xbox 360. Ameba offers music and programming geared exclusively for children 2 through 12 and combines the simplicity of television with massive archives of streaming content. Check out Ameba TV online and read about its Xbox launch below.

Ameba’s Streaming TV for Kids Launches on Xbox 360

Gives kids, moms and dads a convenient option for safe, smart entertainment

Winnipeg, MB, August 20, 2013—Ameba TV, a pioneering independent children’s streaming TV provider, announced today its official launch on Microsoft’s Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system. The platform expansion extends Ameba’s reach to millions of Internet-connected consumer electronics devices throughout the U.S. and Canada.

“Through the power of Xbox 360, the magic of motion and voice control with Kinect, and the second screen intelligence of Xbox SmartGlass, Ameba subscribers can experience their favourite Ameba content in new and exciting ways,” said Tony Havelka, Ameba’s founder and CEO. “With our recent launch of Ameba 2.0 the service is easier to navigate than ever before and has tons of new content that will keep kids coming back for more.”

The Ameba Xbox app—featuring music and programming geared exclusively for children 2 through 12—is designed to be easy for kids to use and combines the simplicity of television with massive archives of streaming content. Kids can actively search for a specific show or sit back and watch the recommended playlist. Selecting a new show to watch is as easy as changing the channel on a television. A simple thumbs up-down rating system allows them to flag shows they like and dislike. In only a few steps, each child is assigned a profile, which will become more and more customized each time he or she uses the service.

“Families today are choosing to view programs on multiple screens whether they’re at home or on the go,” said Havelka. “We’ve designed Ameba specifically for families with children looking to watch safe, smart, quality shows at a great price whenever and wherever they want.”

Starting on Tuesday, August 20 in the United States and Thursday, August 22 in Canada, Ameba subscribers with an Xbox LIVE® Gold subscription can easily download the Ameba app from the Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The app gives users instant access to Ameba’s award-winning programming, streaming directly to their Xbox 360 for convenient, anytime on-demand viewing from the comfort of their home.* Ameba’s innovative navigation system is easy for both kids and parents to use.

* Xbox LIVE Gold subscription and/or additional subscriptions/fees may be
required and sold separately. Kinect functionality available with select Xbox LIVE content and varies by feature and country. For additional details and availability, see

About Ameba

Ameba TV is a digital television service that gives kids access to a vast library of safe, smart and entertaining shows while giving parents complete confidence that their children will not be exposed to any harmful or inappropriate content. The programs are designed to spark children’s curiosity, empower them to explore and develop skills that will help them with school and prepare them for life.

New shows and music programs are continually uploaded from some of the best content creators in the world. Starting at only $3.99 per month, Ameba delivers thousands of hours of educational, musical, and multilingual programming to children ages 2 through 12. Ameba subscribers get unlimited, 24/7 instant access to a wide array of enriching, age-appropriate kids TV shows on multiple screens including television, computer, tablets and smart phones. Ameba is available via the web, Xbox 360, Google TV, Roku, LG Smart TV, LG 3D Blu-ray player, and LG Smart TV Upgrader.



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