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Google Shopping TrendsThe way we buy things has changed. So the way we sell things has to change too.

Whether you’re selling a new phone, a pair of shoes, a car or a service, the chances are good that your customer will have read up on you well before you’ve closed the deal. In fact, there’s a good chance the decision to purchase from you or your competitor is being made without you even knowing it. This is particularly relevant now as businesses prepare for the busy fall and holiday seasons.

In an interesting trends piece released this week, Google tells us that 78 per cent of people used the Internet to research purchases last year. In fact, the Internet now easily outpaces other sources of referrals and information as only 29 per cent of people relied on friends, relatives or colleagues for the same kind of research or recommendations.

Google also gives us this astounding stat: last year $1 trillion of all retail sales were influenced by mobile searches.

Those kind of statistics are why we have added automated email marketing to our list of services. As a SharpSpring agency, we can help our clients do a better job of engaging with even anonymous web visitors. We design and develop content that attracts visitors – through earned, owned and paid media – then we create and manage email marketing campaigns to engage with those visitors. We are working with clients here in Winnipeg to help them target, reach and talk with customers across North America.

Take a look at the Google shopping trends PDF for other top shopping trends to watch this year. If you want to learn how content marketing can help your business, give us a call for a free, no obligation consulation.

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