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The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce deserves a hand for its efforts over the past few years to bring important issues to the fore. The chamber has stepped outside the narrow boundaries it once occupied, championing basic business-friendly policies such as lower taxes. Today, the chamber is leading the public debate about how Manitoba can and should change for a more prosperous future.

Next week, it’s hosting the second Manitoba Bold conference, where it will focus on our province’s creative class. Writers such as Richard Florida and others have long talked about how a vibrant creative class (designers, artists, writers, filmmakers, etc.) can be the foundation of a dynamic, diversified economy.

Dave Angus deserves credit for leading a Chamber of Commerce that is open to new ideas and is willing to challenge the staid norms of Manitoba government policy. The first Manitoba Bold conference earlier this year was as thought provoking as it was encouraging. There is plenty to be excited about: Centreport could become the centre of an important shift in international trade into and out of our province. We also have the potential to become a major trading partner with the fast growing resource based economy of Nunavut. And with the incredible growth in food demand in Asia, our agri-food industries could are all poised for growth too … if only we seize the brass ring.

I hope they get a terrific turnout and have a great event. If you haven’t registered already, there’s still time.

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