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The best stories are the ones with details. The ones that have personality added to them and are told in the person’s own words, using their own voice.

A lot of people who get into a career of communications and public relations do so because they love to tell stories. Storytelling is at the core of every media release, every newsletter, every social media post, every report and every plan we create for a client.

It’s important for us at Dooley Communications to be able to tell our clients’ stories in ways that represent who they are and what their businesses stand for. In other words, we need to use their voice.

This might sound obvious, but the best way to tell someone’s story is to get to know them and build a relationship. Get to know your main contact and then go beyond that. Get to know the other people who make up the business, from the frontline workers to those working behind the scenes and upper management. Get to know each person’s role in an organization and how they make it work.

Over the past year and a half I’ve been working with Dental Image Therapy Centres on building their website and growing their social media communities.They have a long history in their St. Vital and Garden City clinics I would have never known about if I hadn’t talked to the people who work there.

While working on the content strategy for the website and creating a social media strategy I sat down with each of the owners and the manager for one on one conversations. From there I was able to gain a sense of what makes DITC work and understand the values important to the people who run the business.

Now when I’m writing posts I can think back to those conversations and determine:

  • If the content is something that aligns with this client’s values
  • What voice/vocabulary is appropriate for the client
  • How to connect with the client’s customers in a way that represents who they are

Building and maintaining a relationship is an ongoing process. We work on it all the time through regular meetings, which act as a refresher and help to develop better, more consistent content.

To see what we’ve done together with Dental Image Therapy Centres, visit their Facebook page and their website.

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