At Dooley Communications we are committed to conducting business ethically and to maintaining the highest standards of honesty and integrity when dealing with employees, business partners and clients.

We require our employees and business partners to meet the same standards when completing client work and interacting on behalf or in connection with our company.

  1. As employees and contractors of Dooley Communications, we recognize our commitment to work for the success of the company and our clients.
  2. We will conduct our professional lives in a way that reflects well on those we represent, including protecting the public interest and dignity of the individuals and companies we serve.
  3. We will deal fairly and honestly with all we come in contact with in connection to our work, including communicating information in a non-discriminatory and accurate way. We will not knowingly spread false or misleading information, make extravagant and unrealistic claims or take credit for work or ideas that aren’t ours. We will not accept work that is intended to mislead and spread information that is knowingly untrue.
  4. We will not offer nor accept bribes – either in cash or other forms – to or from clients, government officials or other parties we contact during the course of our business.
  5. We will not offer nor receive gifts or other inducements in the course of our business beyond what is considered appropriate and reasonable to most people such as meals, entertainment or gifts of relatively nominal value.
  6. We will hire and promote our employees and subcontractors based on their qualifications and work without discriminating based on race, religion, sex or sexual orientation.
  7. We will not tolerate sexual harassment, discrimination, threatening or offensive behaviour in the workplace. That includes bullying behaviour, threats of physical harm or display or distribution of offensive material.
  8. We will treat the business information we learn in the course of meeting with, planning for and working with our clients and our company as confidential. We will not use this information for personal gain or share it with those not involved in our business dealings. We will protect consumer, client and employee data in accordance with national laws and industry codes.
  9. We will consider the reputational damage we may sustain from associating with some clients and will refuse work that would damage the credibility of our company, its employees or our partners.
  10. We will not maintain any undisclosed personal, family or professional conflicts of interests that will affect our ability to serve our clients or work for the company’s best interest.
  11. We will not intentionally damage the professional reputation of those we interact with. That includes current and former clients, staff and contractors as well as competitors.