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We’re very happy to be helping our client Nutrigrill unveil it’s new multi-platform marketing campaign today. The new electric grill will soon be advertised via direct-retail TV and is also being supported by an online marketing campaign as well as pop up stores in Winnipeg.

New Nutrigrill makes cooking faster, easier and healthier

The next big thing in home cooking brings ancient Asian tradition to modern table tops

Nutrigrill_boxWinnipeg, MB, November 5, 2015 – Nutrigrill – the amazing new electric barbecue – chose its hometown of Winnipeg to announce the North American launch of a multi-platform marketing campaign today. The exciting new product, which has drawn praise from celebrity chefs and the backing of Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, is now being marketed in the United States and Canada via a series of 30-minute infomercials as well as through online ads, in pop-up stores and at

Based on an ancient Asian style of cooking, the Nutrigrill is an innovative tabletop electric barbecue that lets families cook entire meals together in minutes. The Nutrigrill immediately grabbed the attention of celebrity chef Donatella Arpaia who instantly became a big fan and signed on to endorse the product.

“When is the last time you saw a family actually eating at the dinner table together? They’re on their phones and devices all the time, but this brings people together the way it used to be. It makes cooking fun,” said Arpaia. “I use this in my own home because it is such a simple way to cook delicious, healthy food. My kids love using it as much as I do.”

Harrington’s company has taken the lead in developing the television campaign, which will begin to air fall 2015. The campaign will be test marketed in the southern United States before it is rolled out across the continent. Nutrigrill has also attracted the endorsement of Brett Hoebel, celebrity fitness trainer and star of NBC’s The Biggest Loser.

Nutrigrill is revving up an online campaign to compliment the television marketing, and Winnipeggers will see the Nutrigrill at pop-up stores this fall at St. Vital Centre, Portage Place and Garden City Shopping Centre.

“We’re so excited today. The customer feedback has been fantastic. People love how easy it is to prepare great tasting, healthy foods in minutes,” said Poetker, who invented the Nutrigrill with his partner Barry Belog.

The Nutrigrill heats up almost instantly and offers two temperature zones to cook an entire meal – meats, vegetables, noodles, etc. – at the same time. It’s also almost endlessly versatile with multiple attachments and add-ons allowing you to steam foods in layers and even cook lasagnas.

“We believe the Nutrigrill will be the next big thing in home cooking. We have very high expectations and can’t wait to see how the television campaign performs,” said Harrington, founder of As Seen on TV. “It offers a cooking experience that people are craving today. It’s healthy. It’s quick. It’s delicious and it cleans up in seconds.”


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Nutrigrill: Origins

The Nutrigrill is a table-top cooking grill and moat which is based on trusted ancient cooking methods still used across Asia today. It is one of the most natural, fun, fast, easy and healthy ways to cook and share food.

Inventors Phil Poetker and Barry Belog first conceived of the Nutrigrill when travelling in Asia. They saw the ease and delight that people took to similar coal-fired grills. Families came together to eat and laugh and share the stories from their busy days. And the food was delicious!

“We knew we had to find a way to bring this experience back to North America, but it had to be easier to use than the old coal-fired grills,” said Poetker.

Poetker and Belog experimented with a number of different designs before they struck on the right one. The Nutrigrill uses electricity to bring the grill up to 400 degrees almost instantly. The grill is specially designed to allow meats to cook on top while vegetables and other foods are cooked using indirect heat. Even better, the ceramic coated Nutrigrill cleans up in seconds even after serving large groups.

Initial tests showed the combination was a breakthrough. The Nutrigrill replicated the Asian cooking experience, but made it faster, easier and healthier.

• The Nutrigrill uses a non-stick ceramic domed grill to cook proteins, which means you do not need oil to cook your foods.
• The vegetables and noodles in the moat can be cooked in a broth or just water. Because of the shape of the grill, juices from the protein will pour down into the moat adding extra flavour.
• The Nutrigrill is an easy to clean, electric version of an ancient cooking method that is usually done with coals.

• Friends and family love the Nutrigrill! Combine cooking and eating in one with the Nutrigrill at the centre of your kitchen or dining room table.
• The grill has enough room for eight servings and everyone can cook their own food at the same time.
• The entire family comes together at the table instead of one person doing the cooking and serving.

• The Nutrigrill reaches its maximum heat of 400 degrees celsius almost immediately.
• An entire meal including proteins and vegetables can be ready to eat in under 10 minutes.
• Cleaning is simple and easy. The included scrub brush helps to clean the grooves with no hard scrubbing.

• Everything you need (except the food) to cook is included in your Nutrigrill kit.
• The Nutrigrill is the perfect way to help kids learn healthy eating habits. Kids can easily help to add meat or flip meat on the grill. Teenagers can use the Nutrigrill to create a quick after-school meal.
• The Nutrigrill comes apart quickly for easy cleaning and storage.

• Without added oil there is less fat and fewer calories in your meal. A vegetable and chicken stir fry made on the Nutrigrill is a delicious, satisfying meal with fewer than 380 calories.
• The vegetables keep their nutrients as they are being simmered at their ideal temperature.
• The Nutrigrill can be used for healthy alternatives to popular recipes like macaroni and cheese, fajitas and soup.

Watch the Nutrigrill infomercial here

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