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I found an interesting site this morning:

It is a giant and ever-growing manual showing how consumers can fight back against price gouging, bad service, bum deals and corruption in general. In just a few minutes I went from reading how to get out of a cell phone contract without paying a penalty to an analysis of how giant debt rating house Moody’s helped create the current sub-prime mortgage crisis in the U.S.

This site is more evidence that the web is giving consumers more power than ever before. The consumerist site is only one very obvious example. Corporations and governments today need to be more aware than ever of just how quickly word can spread on the web for good and for bad.

It’s a trend that forcing organizations to be more forthright and honest than ever before. Speaking as a guy who counsels his clients on how to build strong, credible brands … that’s a good thing.

Adam Dooley

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