CPRS 08 - Lazy Canadian business - Dooley PR

Halifax – There were two reactions to Andrea Mandel-Campbell’s presentation this morning: depression and elation. I’d say most of the room thought her remarks were overly gloomy on the general laziness of Canadian business and its reputation for underachieving on the global stage. A few of us, however, thought they were refreshing.

Canada has plenty of natural advantages – clean air, plentiful resources, a highly educated populace, a close proximity to the U.S. – yet we trail other jurisdictions when it comes to competing internationally and building great businesses.

I plan to pick up her book: Why Mexicans don’t drink Molson. One question I have for her though: if she’s advocating for Canadians to do a better job of promoting themselves, why couldn’t I buy her book here at the conference?

So far, the CPRS national conference here in Halifax has been very thought-provoking. The organizers have done a good job.

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