CPRS 08 - lessons learned - Dooley PR

A few things I learned at the CPRS 2008 conference in Halifax:

1. Far too few people in our industry have embraced social media yet.

2. A lot of what’s happening in the social media space is great, some of it is still pure, unadulterated BS (ie. social media hasn’t changed us all that much… the technology has simply moved age-old human relationships into a different sphere).

3. Issues management remains one of the most important and rarified skills in public relations.

4. The competition among wire services is a great thing! They’re all becoming better.

5. Building credibility is the cornerstone to good communications… and you can’t do that by spinning.


6. Halifax has some great bands and is perhaps a bit too sociable. 😉

See you all in Vancouver next year.

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