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So the government has screwed you over. Your frustration is palpable. It rises to the surface as soon as anyone mentions the name of a certain minister or a bureaucrat. You can’t resist taking a shot at them every opportunity you get. But as the old saying goes: if you get into a pissing match with a skunk, you might win, but you’ll both end up smelling badly.

I spend a lot of my time advising clients about what and what not to say in public about a wide variety of issues. But media training and effective media relations is as much about how you say things too.

It is rarely (if ever) a good strategy to get into a highly charged, public confrontation. Our job is to influence the opinions, perceptions and behaviour of targeted audiences. We can’t do that job effectively if we appear to be irrational, angry or bitter. On the contrary, if you’re in a public battle, we want to show through our public utterances that we are more credible than our opposition. We’re the opinion leaders. We deserve our audiences’ respect and attention.

As is almost always the case with good corporate communications and public relations, it comes down to this: remember your audience!

That is just one of the important lessons we cover in our media training sessions. Dooley Communications has led media training for a wide variety of organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba and across Canada, helping front line employees to executives better handle the pressures of representing their organizations in public.

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