Facebook colour status teasing is intelligent and effective - Dooley PR

Whoever came up with the idea for all the women in my life to spontaneously tell me the colour of their bras deserves an award. Like most men on Facebook, it took a little while for me to figure out exactly what was going on… all these one word status updates. Just a colour mentioned: black, white, beige, violet, periwinkle, leopard… ooh la la!

I’ve since found out it is a breast cancer awareness campaign and I think it’s extremely clever. I’ve read it started with a viral email that women were asked to pass along to women only giving them a sneaky secret society kind of feeling: a way to do good while pulling a prank and teasing the men in their lives.

And it was the mysterious tease that makes this so effective. It makes the men take notice and ask questions. If it doesn’t start an actual discussion about breast cancer, it certainly gets us all (men and women) thinking about it.

It’s a well done, simple and very intelligent campaign. Bravo!

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