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11 teams get ready to do battle in Gingerbread Stadium
Breakfast Television's dalmation design takes shape

In December 2012, at Dooley Communications we took on the challenge of organizing a gingerbread house decorating contest… with a twist.

Instead of modeling their creations after houses, participants were encouraged to create tiny doghouses, in keeping with the business of our client, Petsecure pet health insurance.

The contest took place at The Forks in Winnipeg over the lunch hour just before Christmas. We secured eleven awesome teams willing to take time out of their schedules for a good cause, including Global News Winnipeg, Breakfast Television Winnipeg, QX 104 FM, Winnipeg recording artist Sierra Noble, 99.1 Fresh FM, Energy 106, CHVN 95.1 FM, 99.9 BOB FM, 92 CITI FM, The Winnipeg Humane Society and D’Arcy’s A.R.C.

The Winnipeg Humane Society team won with their Snoopy's Doghouse

Each team played for a pet welfare organization in Manitoba, competing not only to raise awareness, but for a $1,000 top prize which was ultimately won by The Winnipeg Humane Society’s Snoopy Christmas house.

After an hour of frenzied activity with icing, gingerbread, tiny toy dogs and lots of candy the participants stepped back to let the judges view their creations. Petsecure pet health insurance surprised them by awarding not only the best overall gingerbread doghouse, but also handing out four certificates of recognition worth $200 and making a $100 donation to each additional pet welfare organization represented at the event.

Singer Sierra Noble was joined by chocolate master Constance Popp

Not only was the event fun for participants, pet welfare organizations received a welcome boost to help them continue in their important work caring for someone’s future pet.

This was a complete turnkey event for our client. We handled all the details from booking the space and purchasing supplies, to inviting teams and creating certificates. It’s another example of how we use creative thinking to benefit our clients with positive publicity.

Petsecure Pet Health Insurance hosted the event and contributed their own themed doghouse (though they didn't compete for prizes)
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