Manitoba’s largest diabetes wellness initiative


Dynacare partnered with Diabetes Canada to create Manitoba largest ever wellness initiative focused on diabetes in 2018. It was designed to gain positive media coverage, educate Manitobans about Type 2 Diabetes and promote Dynacare as a valuable service provider to the provincial healthcare system.

The campaign won the 2019 Manitoba Communicator of the Year Award from the Canadian Public Relations Society Manitoba Chapter.

Working with Dynacare, we conceived and executed the campaign in partnership with Diabetes Canada to administer 50,000 free A1C (blood sugar) tests in Manitoba. Dynacare offered to conduct the tests at no charge to the provincial healthcare system and agreed to donate 50 cents per test up to a maximum of $25,000.

Our team planned press events, photo ops and shot videos to use on social media for organic and paid promotion. We also implemented an influencer marketing strategy that incorporated local influencers who respresented multiple high-risk target audiences. This included footballer of South Asian descent Obby Khan, indigenous leader Sheila North Wilson, social media influencer Natalie Bell as well as various others including several local reporters.

They all took an A1C test at a Dynacare lab and publicized their experience to encourage their audiences to do the same (using the #Dynacare4Diabetes hashtag created for the campaign).

Diabetes is an epidemic, CITY TVMEDIA RELATIONS

  • Planned an executed a joint press conference with Dynacare, Diabetes Canada and the Province of Manitoba to kick off the initiative and another to announce and celebrate World Diabetes Day
  • Created unique opportunities for Dynacare and Diabetes Canada representatives to connect with government officials
  • Built strong relationships with local media and organized interviews through the entire campaign
  • Coached spokespeople for various media and public speaking opportunities
  • Media coverage included multiple hits throughout the campaign on CTV, CBC, CITY TV, Global and CJOB
  • We exceeded 1.6 million in reach in Manitoba and more than 3 million nationally
  • Campaign led to additional positive coverage of the company not related to the diabetes campaign


  • Working with our partners, we helped create content to live on the websites of Dynacare and Diabetes Canada
  • We created social media posts for the campaign including a promotional video, infographics and more
  • We managed a paid amplification strategy to ensure our content reached a larger audience via native advertising networks and social media

#dynacare4diabetes Obby Khan tweetINFLUENCER MARKETING

  • Designed an influencer marketing strategy that encouraged local influencers who fall in Diabetes Canada’s high-risk groups for Type 2 diabetes. They participated in and helped promote the campaign.
  • Created strong photo and video assets including getting A1C tests on World Diabetes Day


Campaign Reach – Earned Media Impressions 3,068,000

Total Donated $25,000

Media Ratings Points Score 94%

2019 Manitoba Communicator of the Year Award Winning Campaign