dsc_1765-copy_smallAccount team – You’ll have a dedicated account team led by an experienced account manager. Your account manager will also be the primary person working on your account. He or she will oversee and manage all the work from your account team, ensuring you have a highly responsive, intelligent and service-oriented point of contact.

Discovery and materials assembly – Together with ongoing interaction with your team, we should be able to come up to speed quickly and begin writing and assembling materials such as key messages, initial news releases and story pitches.

Execution – We expect you would like to see results from our efforts as soon as possible, so we recommend moving from research to execution very quickly. Working with your personnel, we will help develop a calendar to help track our activities. This will help us both make sure the PR program stays on track and meets expectations.

Regular Meetings – We like to meet regularly with our clients to ensure we have access to a steady flow of information. We use our meetings to report and analyze how we’re doing. We believe in using the feedback and results of our activities to make adjustments to our program as we go.

Measuring Success – We are accustomed to reporting to our clients on the success of our efforts. Every client has different reporting needs. Some employ media monitoring agencies to help ensure they capture all the media coverage surrounding their company and their competitors. While we are not a media monitoring agency, we are accustomed to compiling coverage, analyzing it, and sharing it with our clients. We recommend establishing appropriate monitoring and measuring standards.