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He’s going to live where? For how long?
When Global Wind Group approached us in January of 2010 to help them with their Eco Cabin event for their ZuS Power Challenge; we knew we had to be involved with this innovative idea.  We met up with them to discuss how we could use our PR and social media expertise to help get their project off the ground and running.

What better way to demonstrate their goals than with a real life demonstration of how their products work?

The ZuS Power Challenge involved a Global Wind Group staff member living in a 8’x16′ cabin for a week at the Red River Exhibition grounds in the middle of a Winnipeg winter. The staff member lived in the cabin with the basic conveniences of modern life, including a computer with Internet access, a fridge and a microwave, all powered by Global Wind Group’s vertical axis wind turbine.

Our goals were to promote awareness of their wind turbine products as well as their capabilities to supply power reliably in remote settings.

Working closely with Global Wind Group we put together a multi-faceted strategy to reach designated target audiences. It included a schedule for live-streaming daily activities of the staff member living in the cabin. We also developed a detailed media relations plan and a social media program (that included a Twitter profile, daily blog,Facebook page and YouTube channel).

“It was great to be able to call on the experienced team at Dooley Communications. They knew exactly what we were trying to achieve and gave us all the support we needed even when we encountered a surprise or two,” said Justin Phillips, Global Wind Group’s Vice President of Business Development and one of its founders. “They are hard-working, committed, enthusiastic and creative. Their team clearly understood our business and our needs and were an integral part of the event.”

We felt one of the most important aspects for success was to create two-way communication with online users, so we counseled and assisted with blog posts, tweets and online responses.  We also provided the staff member and Global Wind Group representatives with media training that included how to prepare for interviews in print and on blogs as well as on radio, TV and via Skype.

During this process, we secured a number of guests for the daily chat show to visit the staff member at the cabin, ranging from members of the media to Bill Blaikie, the Minister of Conservation (add link).  As well, before, during and after the Eco Cabin event, we obtained over 30 media hits internationally for our client and secured interviews and articles with local radio, television and print outlets.


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