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Every year I receive a few calls from high schools, colleges and universities asking if we’ll take on a student intern from their public relations or communications programs.

When these calls come in, I ask two important questions: first, I ask the person phoning if the student is any good. By good, I mean, can they write well, are they self-assured, can they work independently? That may seem demanding, but we run a small, fast-paced shop. Perhaps if we were larger, we could spend the time on a student who wasn’t those things, but at the moment that’s a luxury we don’t have.

The second question I put to myself: will we have any work for the student to do during the internship? This is important because I see offering internship positions as a two-way street. On the one hand, I don’t want someone who is content to take coffee orders and update their Twitter status. And on the other hand, I want to give that student some real world experience that will give him or her some useful pieces to put in a portfolio.

Fortunately, I’ve been really lucky with the interns we’ve received from the Creative Communications program at Red River College. They’re almost always bright and eager and willing to learn.We just said goodbye to our most recent intern, Glenda Ollero, a smart young communicator with a bright future. (Check out the work she did creating the Bata Project, a special fundraiser for children in the Philipines.) She told us that she was amazed at the pace of business carried on at Dooley Communications.

I was glad to hear that because I’ve believed strongly that agencies like ours need to create top notch work, but they need to do it quickly (with no surprises and a minimum of fuss).I came to that belief after working on the client side of this business for years … and learning what not to do from the occasional disappointments I endured at the hands of certain designers, agencies, etc.

So … all of that is to say, if you’re looking for a capable young PR pro to join your shop, I can tell you that Glenda can certainly deliver the goods we were looking for in a timely manner. Best of luck in your career Glenda!

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