Impactful Influencer and Public Relations Campaign


In 2018, we worked with Peak of the Market and ThinkShift Communications to develop a local campaign for Potahto Week. We identified seven local influencers over a period of six weeks to promote this special campaign aimed to raise awareness of Manitoba-grown potatoes. Our team was tasked to execute an influencer campaign in support of the broader marketing push which included mainstream advertising, social media marketing and more.

We asked influencers to share key messages and nutritional facts as they spread the word about Potahto Week. They were asked to create content to support the campaign that featured a number of local restaurants serving potato-inspired dishes that week.


We provided influencers with a restaurant destination and a VISA gift card so they could experience the restaurant’s Potahto Week dish and document their experience at the restaurant. We also provided a fun fact sheet and digital files of Potahto Week content they could post and share on their pages to make things even easier.

In exchange for the gift card, the influencers provided the following content:

  • Published one social post on Instagram (original or provided content) with key messaging in the caption about the nutritional benefits of potatoes.
  • Shared at least one post from the Potahto Lovers of Manitoba social media channels about Potahto Week before the event.
  • Provided three live tweets with photos during their dining experience, or provided live updates using Instagram stories.
  • Publish one social post on Instagram before the mid-week point of Potahto Week talking about the participating restaurants and their dining experiences.

Global TV Potahto Week 2018PUBLIC RELATIONS

In addition to the influencer campaign, we were also asked to coordinate and oversee the media relations for the campaign. This involved creating and executing a multi-faceted plan to secure media coverage leading up to and during Potahto Week that tracked over 1.2 million earned media impressions (according to Media Ratings Points and Meltwater).

Besides traditional pitching and follow ups, we also delivered personalized Pohtato Week baskets containing a sampling of dishes from the event that were dropped off to select newsrooms in Winnipeg. The baskets were a great way to capture the newsroom’s attention, generate interest in the event and show how Potahto Week was different from some of the other recent food weeks. We used the baskets as opportunities to secure strong and positive interviews with Tier 1 media, and get radio stations talking about the event on air and on social media.


Social Media Reach 30.7k

Website clicks 337

Post Engagements 8,000+

Traditional Media Reach 1.2 million