New Year's Resolution – I Will Use PR for my Business This Year - Dooley PR

This year our New Year’s resolution is to be part of many of your resolutions. As you get busy achieving your goals for the New Year, consider incorporating public relations into your plan.

Public relations has the capacity to increase your sales, introduce your products to new audiences and educate potential customers about what sets you apart. As PR professionals, we can also help you write an annual report, plan an event or generate content for your blog.

Are you able to get your message across when you’re interviewed by a reporter? Our most popular training session is our half-day media training seminar. We train executives to understand what media want, and how to answer questions in short, simple and effective sound bites that will look good for your company and work in a news story. We incorporate lots of practice into the seminar that always leaves our participants feeling like they’ve learned and grown.

We’re happy to talk to you about how we can fit into your business plan this year. See below for a list of our services and best of luck for 2014.

Our services include:

Public relations strategies, writing in any capacity, social media strategies and content, media relations, event planning, public consultations, town hall meetings, open houses, crisis communications, internal communications and media training. We also work in partnership with advertising agencies and investor relations firms to give you all the pieces of a communications team.



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