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If you haven’t already, check out the blog we’re editing and writing on social media and user-generated content:

The is a project of Dooley Communications client ICUC Moderation Services, one of the busiest online content  moderation companies in the world. We’re happy to provide our editorial and communications services for this daily news blog. We’re also working with ICUC on a number of other projects to build its business actively through social media, media relations and via speaking engagements.

But why is a cool project? Why does it make sense to do? Because over time the will demonstrate ICUC’s expertise in this field. They are really leading the pack in social media moderation – discussion forums, video, photos, text to screen, etc. – and this blog will help them cement that reputation. It also gives them an opportunity to reach out and connect with people in marketing and public relations fields who are tapping into user-generated content initiatives to drive market share and brand value for their organizations and their clients.

This is PR 101 for the 21st century.

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