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Your business has some exciting news to announce and you want everyone to know about it. That’s great! But just because you post something online does not mean it will reach as many people you hope it will.

Timing is everything

First, make sure you’re posting your message at a time when people are most likely to see it. If your target audience typically work a Monday to Friday 9-5 kind of job, your best bet is to post your announcement either halfway through the morning (around the time of a coffee break), just before lunch or in the late afternoon. People need to get through the ‘afternoon slump’ and will often look to social media for a quick boost of distraction to keep them pushing through their day.

If you won’t be around a computer to send out your message during a key engagement period, you can always use a service like TweetDeck to write a tweet and store it to be posted at a specific time.

*Be mindful of what trends might be happening around the world and on social media. You don’t want to be the idiot who posts a piece of self-promotion during a serious situation – pay attention to your timeline and trending hashtags.

Use photos to your advantage

A picture is worth 1000 words, which is great when a tweet can only hold 140 characters. Seriously, a photo engages people and will capture their attention for at least an extra half a second before they continue scrolling through their feed. That extra half second might be what it takes to have them interested in what you’re talking about and click through to your website – or to simply read your tweet.

Shorten links to make more room for words

Again, one of the best and worst things about Twitter is the 140-character maximum, especially if you want to include a link. Lucky for you, services like exist to shorten your link, giving you more space, while also making your message cleaner and more attractive to the reader.

Have your own voice

Finally, nobody wants to read a generic robot message about ‘Our company is proud to announce this exciting new thing’ – give yourself a voice. Be yourself. Have personality, charisma, boom boom bam! Just don’t be generic. Having a genuine personality online will help engage your audience and give them a reason to want to read what you’re saying.
And those are all the secrets to getting your tweet noticed on Twitter.

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