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type on keyboardWriting clear and compelling web copy can be a challenge. It’s no fun visiting a confusing and convoluted web page. You shouldn’t ask your visitors to work hard to get the information they want. For many of us, that sort of experience will cause us to leave the page and go search for what we want somewhere else.

Follow the three tips below to help prevent your audience from getting frustrated when they visit your webpage.

Have a clear call to action

Make sure important copy, links and calls to action are easily visible. Don’t give all copy the same importance. Decide what you would most like your visitors to do. Is it buy your product, read your blog, support your campaign? Make sure that within seconds of coming to your website they will be invited to perform that action.

Be brief

Visitors want to be able to find what they want quickly, and drill down to a specific page where they may spend more time reading. Work to get information across quickly in short, brief snippets. Your text should be scannable too, meaning readers should be able to get the gist of your topic by just scanning the page. This is best accomplished by having good headlines, great calls to action, links and captions.

You can also use highlighting, underlines, italics and other devices to draw attention to certain phrases or concepts. Don’t overdo it though. Be selective about what you’re highlighting.

Write for your target audiences

When you write your web content from a perspective of appealing to everyone, you are missing out on an opportunity to reach your target audience. You should have a specific group (or groups) in mind when you write your website copy.

For example, if you sell bulk office supplies for less, you’re probably talking to office managers or purchasing departments in larger enterprises. Speak directly to them with business appropriate language, proving value for low prices, and demonstrating the quality of your products and service.

If you were selling scrapbooking supplies to individuals, your tone should be much more upbeat and friendly. Be familiar and chummy for an audience that is probably in a relaxed, creative and imaginative mood.

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