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We are Manitoba’s largest public relations (PR) agency with over a decade of experience. While we offer other services, such as website copywriting and coding, social media marketing and content creation, our team is best known for our expertise in earned media and corporate communications strategies.

We know when you are starting out, it can be tough to set aside money for a marketing budget, let alone PR. We want to make our PR services more accessible for local startups and new businesses.

That’s why we created the Upshot PR package.

When you are launching a new company or product, opening your first location, having an event or entering a new market, often you only get one shot at making a splash. Let us help you leverage these opportunities.

  • Two flat rate options to fit your needs.
  • Flat rate of $950: includes one 60-minute consultation, a media release, distribution and a report.
  • Flat rate of $1500: all that is listed above, in addition to organizing a photo opportunity or simple grand opening (extras such as decorations, A/V, space rental, catering, etc. to be billed separately)
  • You provide your spokesperson. We set up the interviews.
  • Ideal for new businesses that are just starting out or small businesses.
  • Great value for businesses that are new to PR.

Best of all, there’s a money back guarantee: we’ll only ever recommend a news release if we see a real news opportunity. If we can’t, there’s no charge to you. Everything is earned, and nothing is promised in PR. We take our reputation with media very seriously, and we only pitch stories we feel have potential to get picked up.

If PR isn’t the right approach for your opportunity, we’d also be happy to consult with you and offer a cost-effective integrated marketing strategy instead.

If you have other goals, such as showing your expertise or growing your brand awareness going forward — let us know! We’d be happy to create a custom PR proposal that capitalizes on upcoming opportunities and supports other marketing efforts.

We’re also available on call if you ever need help with crisis communications.

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