Welcome Chris Davis - Dooley PR

Chris Davis is a recent Public Relations graduate of Red River College’s Creative Communications program. Upon completing Creative Communications, he also earned his Bachelor of Arts through the University of Winnipeg’s Joint Communications Degree program.

Chris joins Dooley PR following an internship at Communications Services Manitoba where he worked on projects across a variety of government departments with a focus on media relations, marketing and social media. He has also interned at the National Collaborating Centre for Infectious Diseases and has since worked with them as a videographer and event planner. Chris enjoys the timeliness, reactivity and strategy behind media relations and looks forward to working with clients to develop creative and effective campaigns.

To say that Chris enjoys board games is an understatement. He loves games so much that he crowdfunded his own, FSHBWL. Chris swears that the strategy involved in board games is transferable to public relations (and all facets of life), but we’re going to leave that as a thesis for the time being.

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