Welcome Delta! - Dooley PR

Dooley Communications is very pleased to welcome our intern, Delta Hirsch, who will be joining us for three weeks for a work placement.

Delta Hirsch is a Public Relations major who just finished her final term in the Creative Communications program at Red River College. Before entering the program, she earned her Bachelor of Arts advanced degree at the University of Manitoba with a major in Psychology.

In the past, Delta worked as a copywriting intern at Think Shift and a marketing intern at Bison Transport Inc. She also manages the social media accounts for Kevin’s Bistro and her parent’s company the Hirsch Home Team. She has sat on the Winnipeg Lost Dog Alert Board of Directors for the past two years and has served as its PR Director for the past eight months. Delta enjoys visual storytelling through videography and design and is currently working on a short documentary about consumerism in North America.

Delta is a born and raised Winnipegger who enjoys supporting local businesses and makers. You can usually find her at The Forks on a Saturday sipping craft beer and writing for her blog, SlowWoven. She is a self-proclaimed foodie who pays for cable solely so she can record the Food Network.

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