Welcome to our new site - Dooley PR

If we were cobblers, our children would have been complaining of callouses and blisters on their feet months and months ago. In our case, we’ve been whining about our website and how it’s needed updating.

I think it’s axiomatic that communicators will want to update or refresh a website only moments after launching it. For the time being, we’re pretty happy with this snappy new site that gives us a whole lot more capability.

The biggest change is to move the blog front and centre to give it more prominence. Visitors will notice the blog first (maybe after those wicked cool photos), which is what we want. And, like show folk and baseball players, we’re only as good as our last performance, so we’ve added a new featured project section to tell the world about our work. Dooley Communications is already one of the largest and best known public relations and corporate communications agencies in Winnipeg and Manitoba. Now we have a better platform to tell current and prospective why that’s so.

Additionally, we’ve added some new social media tools to this site including a direct feed of our team’s Twitter posts and links to Adam Dooley’s LinkedIn and Facebook pages. As social media and social networks are always changing, we expect these features will too.

Special thanks to Lynn Billard for all the photos. They look terrific as usual!


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