What's in it for Them? - Dooley PR

women shoppingWhat’s in it for them? If you’re not asking that question you’re missing the point of marketing and communications. It can be all too easy as a business to get caught up trying to sell to imaginary customers that care deeply about our products, and are interested in all the specs and technical information. Though certain customers will be interested in that information, they will look at it AFTER you convince them that they need your product in their lives.

For example, if you are selling a new purse, don’t spend all your time talking about how many pockets it has, its high quality zippers and roomy interior. Instead, choose whom you’re marketing to and think about how its features solve their problems. Could moms fit all their baby supplies inside and still be stylish? Would a teen look cool with your bag slung over her shoulder? Would it match a businesswoman’s professional outfit while still having room for her files?

“What’s in it for them” can be hard for us to visualize because we are so invested in our products. It is much easier to focus on why WE think our product is worthwhile. Is it better than the previous model? Are its technical specs better than the competitors? Is it lightweight? That is good information to have for customers to make an informed decision, but not the main message we should use to sell the product. Much more effective will be our ability to make our product fill a need in our customer’s life that was previously unmet.

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