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magazineThe old adage, ‘you have to spend money to make money’ comes to mind when discussing how much is ok to spend on marketing material. In a world where design, video production and layout tools are available for almost nothing, how can you justify paying a pro when your receptionist can put together a brochure for almost no cost?

Professionals spend a lot of time and money becoming skilled at what they do, and they charge accordingly. Here are three reasons you should hire a pro for your next project, rather than doing it in-house.

Good design suggests a good product

Though you may think you can’t tell the difference, to the majority of customers it will be obvious that your material lacks production quality. Unless your staff person is a remarkably quick study (in which case he or she may be in the wrong field) your project won’t have the polished shine a professional can give it.

Cheap marketing makes your product look cheap. Poorly lit photos and outdated fonts can scream poor quality, even if you can’t put your finger on exactly why. A professional, carefully prepared video or brochure can show your faith in your product and make small companies seem bigger than they actually are.

You get the technical bits right

Do you understand dpi and bleeds? Do you know how to choose the right typeface or how to adjust the kerning? Do you know how many frames per second your video should have? There are a host of technical questions that the pros navigate effortlessly. If you want your images to appear crisp and clear, your colours to shine brightly and your folds to line up perfectly, make sure you are using a pro.

You get an outsider’s professional perspective

A professional can help you gain perspective on your product and your company’s image. It is easy to get tunnel vision and to start using clichés, technical talk and complicated images in your marketing material. A professional will help you take a step back and present the information in the way that resonates with your audience.

Need help?

Do you need help finding a designer, a videographer, a web designer or a photographer? We partner with pros all the time and can find the right person for your project. We can help you plan and write your project, and make sure it’s professionally produced. We would be happy to help you create something that makes your business shine!

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